Tuski (2018)

111:36 Min | Drama

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Tuski was born on 15th August, the day India celebrates the independence of a socialist, secular, and democratic nation. But she was born unsung and unceremonious, in a family barely making ends meet and residing in a slum, where throngs of people huddle together for living space and basic amenities. Tuski lost her mother moments after her birth and was raised by her aunt (mother’s sister) Ronita, who worked as a household maid. Ronita stays with Tuski’s father, Subrata, an auto-rickshaw driver, presumably to bring up Tuski, and their cohabitation is accepted in the right perspective by residents of the slum, for whom struggle for survival is more valid than raising issues on morality. Principles concerning distinction between right and wrong seldom bother these slum dwellers who live a life of careless abandon, drinking beyond limits, mouthing profanity and yet providing a chain of sympathy and humanism around Tuski. But the world outside the slum turns out to be cruel and insensitive. The family Ronita works for also has a daughter Tua, of Tuski’s age, who is destined to live up to the expectations of her overambitious mother Sraboni– to rank at the top and get admitted to the most prestigious English-medium school. Curiously, Tua and Tuski get friendly quite spontaneously, much to the concern of Tua’s mother who is constantly threatened about the difference in their social status. Eventually, the point of discrimination starts to rule. Ronita gets dismissed from her job on the excuse of Tua picking up a foul word from Tuski, and out of rage against injustice and insult, Ronita vows a pledge which is apparently beyond her means. She would get Tuski admitted to the same English-medium school where Tua’s mother wants her daughter to be in. And therein begins the tussle against discrimination of the worst order – against lack of humanism, intolerance and foul play. The veil of poise and sophistication gets eroded and the resourceful come out with their darkest instincts to foil the protest of those fighting against injustice and prejudice of every order. But, ultimately,the ray of hope comes from the most unexpected quarters and the power of unity leads to enlightenment and freedom. Perhaps it was this freedom that Tuski had yearned for when she was born on 15th August.

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Kharaj Mukherjee Rajesh Sharma Anamika Saha Priyanka Dutta Moumi Basu Kanchona Moitra Poulomi Basu Pradip Mukhopadhyay Krishnokishor Mukherjee Saurav Chakrabarty


Aniket Chattopadhyay

Music Director:


Art Director:

Nafisa Khatun


Sujoy Dutta Roy

Director of Photography

Badal Sarkar