Sesh Anka (2015)

121 Min | Crime | Drama | Thriller

8 /10
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A murder A convict A honest headstrong Cop And then steps in an old horse who is too good at the game! Now wait for 'The Last Act'.

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Best Marvel movie in my opinion

15 June 2018 by Rana Chakraborty

This is by far one of my favorite movies from the MCU. The introduction of new Characters both good and bad also makes the movie more exciting. giving the characters more of a back story can also help audiences relate more to different characters better, and it connects a bond between the audience and actors or characters. Having seen the movie three times does not bother me here as it is as thrilling and exciting every time I am watching it. In other words, the movie is by far better than previous movies (and I do love everything Marvel), the plotting is splendid (they really do out do themselves in each film, there are no problems watching it more than once.


Mir Afsar Ali, Parno Mittra, Shankar Chakraborty, Debolina Dutta


Tathagata Banerjee

Music Director:

Savvy Gupta

Art Director:

Dipa Bhattacharjee


Sujay Datta Ray

Director of Photography

Supriyo Dutta