Messi (2017)

129:59 Min | Drama

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Messi is a story about two brothers. The elder brother Prosun doesn’t do anything except loitering around with his girlfriend and fixing local football matches for his brother from whom he gets a share of winning money. The younger brother Chotu, who wears the jersey titled "Messi", is highly gifted in football (soccer) skills. He is the pride of his family and the hope of their father who once used to be a football coach. While attending one such match which Prosun arranges for Chotu, an accident happens and Chotu is left physically disadvantaged for life. The unfortunate incident fills Prosun with unfathomed guilt, and to get rid of this guilt he attempts to achieve the impossible. He attempts to step into his brother’s shoes.

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Ronodeb Bose, Aryan Bhowmik, Rana Mitra, Chaiti Ghosal, Aishikaa, Sumit Samaddar, Pratik Roy, Chirodeep Mitra, Nigel Anthony


Arnab Ringo Banerjee

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Director of Photography